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*NEW PRICE* - 16H Hanoverian Dressage Mare

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Category: Horses For Sale Canada
Ad #: 130942
Date: 06/09/2015
Contact: Ashley Black
60 Lynden Road
L0R 1T0
Website: visit site
Price : $ 3500 CAN
Age : 19
Height : 16 hh
Sex : Mare
Breed : Hanoverian
Disciplines : Dressage

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Asking $3500 O.B.O; new horse is on the way, so I can't keep two for very long!!! Weltriese is a wonderful partner and true teacher! She has three lovely gaits and loves her work as a dressage horse. She works regularly 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes in 2 or 3 lessons. She is very fit and athletic and responds well to a consistent schedule of work. She is very sweet - enjoys her time being brushed and ridden. She accepts bribes willingly - her favourite are English mints! She has no vices, she stands well for vet, farrier, bathing and clipping.

She is for sale because I would like to continue moving up in the dressage levels and I don't want to push her to perform at high levels as she ages. I would love to see her continue on teaching another rider as she has been an amazing partner for me and taught me so much about the foundation of dressage. While it breaks my heart to sell her, she deserves a long riding career and starting fresh with a new partner in training level or first level or potentially making the change to Hunter Hack horse would guarantee her many more years of work. She would be best suited for a confident rider (16+). Most days she is very quiet and sensible (2 out of 10 on temperament) but some days she can be a little spooky or distracted and needs the rider to get her back on track and focus on her work.

In August I took her to a schooling show in the Hack Division. For her first show with other horses in the ring with her, she did very well placing 4th in the Road and Show Hack and 6th in the Pleasure Hack. She had a great understanding of her job to perform. We also went to a dressage show on Sept 27th and did amazing. She was such a pro and very relaxed in this setting - a sense of belonging for her! Which was very helpful as it was my first. We placed 1st in training level with a score of 66.80% and 3rd in first level with a 61.90% (marks lost were my errors). Judge commented "lovely pair" and gave high marks on gait and implosion in collective marks score high in her free walk and stretchy trot circle.
Her previous owner had a passport for her and showed her 3rd level. After this she came to our barn, where my coach rode her and used her for some lessons with more advanced students. When the opportunity came up to buy her, there was no question. I have spent the last 5 years schooling at home, focusing on my dressage education - which I owe a ton of gratitude to Weltriese. She is sensitive to the riders seat and balance and will let me know politely when I need to fix something; so whether or not I have a coach on the ground I am always learning. She knows her stuff when it comes to correct lateral work as well - leg yield, shoulder in, haunches in and half passes in walk, trot , canter.

We have had an amazing summer together - playing more than working! We have been having a lot of fun working through her favourite movements and enjoying riding outside and hacking in the field behind the barn; as well as for preparing for our hunter show in her long and low frame and freeing her up to carry her cantering in half seat - all of which she did happily.
Search: Weltriese on Youtube for more videos -

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